29 August 2011

big fat videos

Cool, a couple people have made FMN videos..

First up, seasoned Forget-Me-Not pro Deihlanos, with this really long and funny video which shows the gameplay far better than I managed to:

Also this one by MrECHOfox, which shows how horribly hard the game can be, especially at first:

Thanks guys =) It was very cool to watch someone else play it. I've only seen myself play it before. And my long suffering family members who I sometimes coerce into it who now try to set me on fire whenever I say "how about a nice game of Forg-arrrgh" *WHOOMPH*


Oh yeah, so that first Mac build doesn't work on OSX 10.4 or 10.5... If you're running one of those, there's a [possibly] fixed version here. Don't know if it works or not yet. If anyone tries it, let me know! ta.

EDIT! Ok that apparently works... updated the main link with fixed version.  EDIT#2! Ok it's still broken on 10.4 :(  Looking into it......


  1. Alex #1 from last threadAugust 29, 2011 at 3:27 AM

    Works for me now. Awesome.

  2. (i updated the main link with the fixed version)

  3. haha, cool to see my video linked here. I had seen MrECHOFox's video as well.

    And 459676 is now my top score. I died finally when the game spawned a bazillion of those rushing Thwomp-ish things, the fast version. Havent found a good way to deal with those at all! Very hard to defeat.

    Do you plan any further additions/changes to the game in the future? Or new games entirely?

  4. nice! there is of course still an element of luck, sometimes you get levels that are just mean.

    a whole level full of fast thwomp things..eep. pretty much all you can do is the obvious- be super careful not to get in their way, and grind constantly to try to kill them in the brief time they're still... (you must've had reaaaally bad luck, when thompthings start appearing there's only a chance that they'll be fast ones.. some of them were probably slow ones too but it'd be hard to tell with the amount of whooshing going on....)

    i do have quite a few plans for MORE STUFF. don't know when, or if i'll add it to FMN or make it into a sequel... first i have to bring the iOS version up to speed. also got too many plans for new games.

  5. I'm loving the OS X version -- max size mode in full screen is awesome beyond compare, but one minor gripe, the level goes dark and the ghost comes out way too soon. Maybe extend the timer until ghost-time depending on the size of the level?

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