30 January 2011


I'm working on a new iOS game, a simple little maze based shooty thing probably called Forget-Me-Not.

It's largely inspired by a C64 game called Crossroads. Check out this nice page by Dessgeega about the two Crossroads games: CROSSROADS and CROSSROADS II: PANDEMONIUM. It's also obviously a bit inspired by Pac-Man, as well as this neat little iOS game called DungeonMoto.

So.. it's a game for one or two players. There's a maze. The openings at the edges of the screen wrap around. The maze is full of tiny little creatures, including the players. You run around shooting stuff, collecting flowers and trying not to be killed. The walls of the maze can be blown up. That's about it. It's good fun with two players on the same iPad.

One of the things I loved about Crossroads was, if you fired down a screen-wide corridor, your bullets would end up just screen wrapping forever or until something got in the way.. it gets a bit chaotic. So that happens in this :D

The levels are procedurally generated in a pretty simple way, at different sizes, with a few different possible symmetries. There are only three types of enemy so far, making some more now. Then it's on to making sfx and adding some polish, and it's about done...