29 August 2011

big fat videos

Cool, a couple people have made FMN videos..

First up, seasoned Forget-Me-Not pro Deihlanos, with this really long and funny video which shows the gameplay far better than I managed to:

Also this one by MrECHOfox, which shows how horribly hard the game can be, especially at first:

Thanks guys =) It was very cool to watch someone else play it. I've only seen myself play it before. And my long suffering family members who I sometimes coerce into it who now try to set me on fire whenever I say "how about a nice game of Forg-arrrgh" *WHOOMPH*


Oh yeah, so that first Mac build doesn't work on OSX 10.4 or 10.5... If you're running one of those, there's a [possibly] fixed version here. Don't know if it works or not yet. If anyone tries it, let me know! ta.

EDIT! Ok that apparently works... updated the main link with fixed version.  EDIT#2! Ok it's still broken on 10.4 :(  Looking into it......

27 August 2011

destructadelic dungeons

hey, this blog is inactive now.. this page
has been linked to from a bunch of places
so i'll leave it here, but head over to for current stuff =)

I made a PC/Mac version of Forget-Me-Not. Grab it here:


It's the same basic game as the iOS version, but tweaked.. a bit harder, faster, more balanced. It's meant to be more arcadey. It has a few new enemies, things-that-happen, and MORE FRUIT.  Now you can play with joysticks in front of the telly, yay!

 (please forgive the horrible and quiet audio on this video.)

Hope you like it! Tell me your high scores. (tell me if it doesn't work for you.. it's been tested on a few different setups but my coding skillz aren't so hot....)

There are no bells and whistles. The keys are: P1: cursors (+ enter to join game), P2: WASD (+ tab to join game). Or joysticks... Press 'O' from the start screen to bring up the options menu, from where you can turn on joystick, fullscreen, CHUNKY MODE, etc...

Big thanks to the lovely people who helped me test it <3 and thanks to everyone who bought the iOS version or wrote about it! You make things shiny.